Caroline Erkelens

the voice within


working your voice is learning to feel from inside out

Caroline coaches people who meet their voice as a blockade. She knows how important it is to feel good with / in your voice, and also how fragile a voice can be. It shows your vulnerability. This can be very beautiful if you feel good and sure about yourself. But there are those days when that is not the case, and you still have to do that interview or give that lecture… How wonderful and important it is to know than what tot do.

Caroline has great knowledge about the voice, and an endless amount of exercises, to learn you how  to use your voice in a free and healthy way, so that you feel empowered by your own sound.

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Besides private sessions, Caroline gives vocalcoaching workshops in small groups. You really get deep and learn from each other.

  • VOCAL TOOLS for self empowering, a traject of 4 weeks in a small group
  • STEM & YOGA a wonderful 3 days training by Pure Yoga in Rotterdam. dates: 12/1, 9/2 en 16/3 van 14 tot 18 uur

If you are interested, please send a mail and ask for the newest dates


Come and let's create our own magic


Voor iedereen die op zoek is naar diepere inzichten in zichzelf.  Je (innerlijke) stem wijst je moeiteloos de weg.

Stem is ons centrum van communicatie. Velen van ons hebben wel eens gehoord dat ze beter hun mond kunnen houden omdat ze geen mooie stem hebben. We voelen ons niet begrepen, en kruipen liever in onze schulp dan dat we ons nog eens vrij uiten! Dit is vaak de oorzaak van stem blokkades.

De obstakels die je onderweg tegenkomt, daar werkt Caroline mee. Zij weet de resonans van de stem richting jouw obstakels te leiden, waardoor er meer ruimte ontstaat. Je ervaart deze ruimte als vrijheid en innerlijke vrede. Een intens, vreugdevol en verjongend werk, toegankelijk voor iedereen. De enige voorwaarde is dat je zelf echt die stap in je leven wilt zetten.


Klassieke gitaar, (flamenco)dans, kleinkunstacademie brachten Caroline Erkelens in de wereld van de klassieke zang. Zij behaalde haar U.M. diploma aan het Utrechts Conservatorium, en de Performance Degree aan de Universiteit van Bloomington Indiana (V.S.). Zij studeerde bij Virginia Zeani, Nicola Rossi Lemeni, Cristina Deutekom, Margreet Honig en Charlotte Margiono.

Caroline is zangeres van het Schreck Ensemble, gespecialiseerd in electro akoestische muziek. Zij spelen TRANSIT, het project met de bellen van/met geluidskunstenaar Hans van Koolwijk. Ze speelden o.a. in het World Minimal festival, muziekgebouw aan het IJ te Amsterdam, in DordtYard te Dordrecht.


14-4 VOICE & CHAKRA ALIGNEMENT workshop, Samana Yoga Center. 13.00 tot 16.00

7-04-2019 OHMHEALING Samana Yoga Center, 17h00

7-4 CONCERT Chansons Française, WITH Nettie Krull piano and Aubrey Snel Saxofoon

23 en 24 maart THE VOICE WITHIN 2 days workshop in Güstrow Duitsland

16-03-2019 workshop VOICE & YOGA – EMOTIONS, Pure Yoga Rotterdam, 14h00-18h00

10-03-2019 OHMHEALING Samana Yoga Center, 17h00

10-02-2019 OHMHEALING Samana Yoga Center, 17h00

09-02-2019 workshop VOICE & YOGA – BODY workshop, Pure Yoga Rotterdam, 14h00-18h00

08-02-2019 DE NACHT WACHT performance (3+) Huissen

20-01-2019 TRANSIT concert Schreck Ensemble / Hans van Koolwijk, Museum de Buitenplaats Eelde

13-01-2018 OHMHEALING Samana Yoga Center, 17h00

12-01-2019 workshop VOICE & YOGA – BREATH workshop, Pure Yoga Rotterdam, 14h00-18h00


Alleluja, Riga, 7-6-2019

Herinnering / Remembrance

The voice within

Transit met Hans van Koolwijk & Schreck

“Dames en Dekens” van Groep Rood

Ave Maria

“De Nacht Wacht” van de Zingende Harp

“Isala” stem van een rivier

Improvisation of Musica del Cuore

about Me

I was 18 years old when I knew singing was my destiny
It was at the graduation party of high school, that a friend told me she would go to the Conservatory to study singing.
I was going  to study classical guitar. Until that moment my guitar meant everything for me, but at this very moment I knew this was history. As if I had found a treasure, and the rest of the world vanished completely. singing was my future, and the new place of my guitar was as far as possible under my bed.

The treasure that I found appeared to be a real quest. Traveling over the world, searching for the right teacher, sometimes alone and against all streams, but also lifted up high, and carried away by many wonderful and colourful experiences. No matter how difficult it sometimes was, one thing was sure. I needed to get everything out of it.

I found many different things, a wonderful collection of experiences. I found great lessons to develop my voice, but I also met tough life lessons. I heard, sang and experienced so much incredible music. I worked like hell to learn everything about singing. About breathing, resonance, and how to have access to the source of inspiration. I learned about my possibilities and my limits, my perseverance and willpower. What an adventure! And if you think that this is finished now, you are wrong. The vocal path has no ending.









tel.: 0031 (0)6 549 20 403